Rabbi's Welcome


Shalom, Welcome to the United Synagogues of Greater Hartford.

We are a traditional congregation affiliated with the Union of Orthodox Congregations of America. We observe Ashkenazic ritual that goes back to Machzor Vitry, the earliest recorded prayer book in Europe,

first written around 1208 CE by Rabbi Simcha of Vitry, France. The

earliest compilation of Jewish prayers was done by

Rav Saadia Gaon (882-942) of Egypt.


Our shul, founded in 1893, is the fourth oldest congregation in Hartford.

The synagogue was the result of six small congregations founded by

Eastern European immigrants to America, which merged together

throughout the first half of the twentieth century. In 1965, the merged entity called "The United Synagogues of Greater Hartford", moved to

West Hartford to the corner of North Main Street and Mohawk Drive.

The congregation remained there until 1995. The State of Connecticut

at that time had an economic downturn and both the Jewish and non-Jewish populations declined significantly. These economic considerations forced the congregation to downsize and moved to its current location, directly behind

our old building.


Everyone, regardless of religious affiliation is always welcome

to our services, activities and our Hebrew school.

We are pleased that you are with us today and hope that you will

make time to visit us as often as possible.


In Pirke Avot, ethics of our fathers, states that the world stands

on three things:


1. Torah.     Recognition of G-d and observing his/her laws

2. Avodah.   Working, praying and achieving in an ethical and

kind measure

3. Gmilat Chasidim. Doing acts of kindness to all our family, friends, and neighbors here and throughout the world.


After services, please carry these thoughts with you until next time.

Rabbi Ed Cohen