As a small Synagogue you may wonder what our Rabbi does.

His duties are the same as in a big metropolitan city but instead he takes the time to spend with his congregants, his community and neighboring Synagogues. 

Our Rabbi works within our congregation, serving the spiritual needs of  his people. As with any form of organized religion,he works to provide answers to questions and support in every sense of the word.


His work is to perform religious ceremonies associated with major life events. These may include weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs, and any other life events. He may perform brists or baby naming ceremonies for the newest members of the congregation.  He may travel to where there is a need from the members of their congregation and care for them if they are sick or disabled.


Our Rabbi often perform a variety of services both in the congregation and outside of it as the need arises. He performs weekly services for the members of their congregation and handle all of the service and provide any speech or sermon that may be necessary as a part of that ceremony.

They work to educate the members of their congregation and this may be with the youth or to those converting.


Our Rabbi is involved with the Hebrew School on a continuing basis and makes himself  a visible part of the Hebrew School environment. 

He is also available to provide religious or emotional encouragement or support as the members of their congregation need it.

He is often viewed an extension of the family, and is looked to for a variety of different purposes.


Our Rabbi is an active part of the congregation.  He is often an integral part of the management team as well as the religious side of things, so they may have a number of administrative responsibilities.

Our Rabbi does not have set hours in some circumstances, the needs of the congregation are at the forefront of the Rabbi's duties. 

Rabbi  Eli Ostrozyaski
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Assistant Rabbi  Edward Cohen
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