Synagogue Sponsors


Dr. Mica Abeles

Mr. Harris Lifshitz

Ms. Mindy Rosenberg


Our synagogue is a small yet vibrant religious institute that currently has about seventy  members.  Albeit small, we pride ourselves knowing we provide our members with many of the amenities found only in the much larger synagogues.  The building, maintained by Randy Schmidt, provides a most comfortable facility to come and pray.  Found within the synagogue are many beautiful symbols of the Jewish faith donated by those inspired by the peace and serenity provided in our beautiful home.
Our services, led by Rabbi Cohen, provide a place of solemn prayer throughout the year.  Sabbath and holiday services provide members and guests a spiritual uplifting as the Rabbi leads us through the prayers and Torah reading.  The Rabbis sermons inspire us to maintain the wonderful Jewish heritage passed onto us by our forefathers.
Our Hebrew school, provides belief in Hashem for children of members and non-members alike.  The teachers and volunteers guide the children through their aleph bet, teaching them how to read and write Hebrew.  They are taught Jewish history, Jewish life cycles, and bar and bat mitzvah lessons by a dedicated and loving staff.
The monthly newsletter, sent out by Seymore Newman, provides an inspirational message to all members.  Seymore over the years has covered a variety of topics including holiday rituals, Jewish morals and traditions, answers to common questions, and a variety of others.
Our quarterly newsletter, The Calendar, prepared by Bob Cohen, Harris Lifshitz, and Marty Rothbaum, is distributed to our members and to our many friends.  It provides each of us with announcements of current events occurring at the synagogue, messages from the officers, editorials, recipes, travelogues, and a host of other features.

The sisterhood, chaired by Ruth Osborn, provides a monthly social event featuring wonderful companionship, delicious food, and special guest speakers.  The sisterhood, completely financed by its members and an occasional fundraiser, provides a marvelous opportunity for the women to meet in a social environment the first Tuesday of every month.  The sisterhood is always looking for new members.  If you are interested, please call Ruth at 860-232-5529.