For information contact Leslie Abkowicz at 860-633-0107

The synagogue maintains four cemeteries located in Hartford and Wethersfield.  The cemeteries, under the control of Leslie Abkowicz, are well kept and provide an essential service to the Jewish community in the Greater Hartford area.  Almost on hundred years old, these cemeteries are the final resting place of our beloved departed.  We visit these cemeteries throughout the year to show honor and respect to our loved ones, both family and friends.  Perpetual upkeep of the cemeteries is financed by the sale of cemetery plots.  Members and non-members may purchase plots by contacting Leslie Abkowicz.
Yahrzeit notices are sent to members and friends of the synagogue on a monthly basis.  These notices, sent out by me, remind us to remember our loved ones who gave so much for us.  We urge recipients to come to the synagogue to observe the yahrzeit.  The Rabbi eulogizes the people you are remembering by announcing their names and often times relating some anecdote about them.  Many make a small donation in their memory.  This act of Tzedakah ensures we will be able to continue to provide this service to the community.
We currently computerize information about our members and people to whom we mail newsletters and Yahrzeit notices.  If you would like us to include your family please complete the enclosed form and send it back to the synagogue.  This list will ensure we have the correct information about you and your family and we will have an opportunity to better serve you and your family.
The Rabbi now commemorates all Yahrzeits at our Friday night and Sabbath services.  Additionally, we light memorial lights on plaques during the week commemorating the Yahrzeit.